Clay is an inherently flexibility material and the myriad of construction processes are not only challenging but, from a personal level, incredibly satisfying and exciting to explore and master. The tactile qualities of clay provide instantaneous feedback and the malleability of this natural material offers immense opportunities for both disciplined and non-disciplined approaches to form generation.

My current work explores the endless possibilities for different clay bodies in creating organic forms inspired by nature. Flowers and petals have influenced my recent range of porcelain vases and bowls and the unique translucent quality of this material captures the lightness and fragile quality of the flower petals. I also enjoy sculptural work that explores the topography of the human body. In particular, I’m drawn to the human face and the diverse cultural and emotional permutations waiting to be captured in clay. Sometimes these sculptural pieces are exact facsimiles while sometimes they are abstracted forms, playfully mimicking facial and body silhouettes and forms.

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